GGB Heilbronn Achieves Known Consignor Status

August 7, 2013


GGB Heilbronn GmbH has been approved as a Known Consignor for shipping SPX (secure) cargo by air without the need for further security measures being applied (approval number DE/KC/01559 - 01/0718), a significant achievement for our Heilbronn operation. As a result, our cargo no longer needs to be screened, avoiding the inevitable delays associated with screening, and making our service more efficient and cost-effective.

Faster Deliveries, Lower Costs, Reduced Lead Times

GGB customers now benefit from even faster turnaround times and cost advantages. As part of this air cargo security program, companies must describe their compliance with a wide range of standards, including protection against interference from third parties.

The Heilbronn facility, which produces primarily metal-polymer plain bearings, had to meet stringent inspection demands in order to validate its compliance with Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 including:

  • Establishing the framework for aviation security throughout the EU (the regulation sets requirements for physical security)
  • Staff recruitment and security training
  • Packing, storage, and dispatch areas
  • Documentation
  • Transportation

Greater Advantages for GGB Customers

These standards must be maintained until the facility is inspected for re-validation and will be subject to unannounced inspections to monitor for compliance.

Although the Known Consignor Scheme is voluntary and there is no legal requirement for any air cargo to be dispatched from the shipper as SPX (secure), GGB wished to establish approved Consignor status in order to further reduce lead times and shipping costs, providing GGB customers with even greater service advantages.

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