GGB China Warns Customers Against Deceptive Products

June 7, 2018


GGB bearings and bushings logo

The global bearing manufacturer says customers should be aware of low-quality lookalikes.


  • Products not found on GGB’s websites are not backed by the company or its standards.
  • GGB products should only be purchased from one of GGB’s three China sales offices.
  • GGB bearings all have a unique and distinctive logo that verifies the authenticity of the product.

GGB does not have agents or distributors in China for industrial and automotive market, so GGB products should only be purchased from GGB sales offices. Any products not found on or are not authentic GGB bearings.

GGB produces plain bearings, including metal-polymer bearings, engineered plastic bearings, fiber reinforced bearings, metal and bimetal bearings, bearing assemblies, bushing blocks and thrust plates, as well as specialized housings and assemblies. All of these are available in standard or custom shapes and sizes. GGB products are produced and sold globally, with each product having a unique and distinctive logo that verifies authenticity to avoid deceptive counterfeits. The logo also assures purchasers that they are receiving a genuine and trusted GGB product.

GGB entered the China market in 2004 with a head sales office in Shanghai and opened its first Chinese manufacturing facility in Suzhou. At 9,200 m2, the new facility is roughly twice the size of the company’s previous manufacturing plant in China. It now also has sales offices in Northeast China (Changchun), Central China (Wuhan) and South China (Shenzhen). The contact information for each office is as follows:

Northeast China, Central China and South China Sales Office


Production plant in Suzhou

No. 10 Xiang Street, Gaoxin District, Suzhou China

For additional information, please visit or contact

About GGB

GGB helps create a world of motion with minimal frictional loss through plain bearing and surface engineering technologies. With R&D, testing and production facilities in the United States, Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China, GGB partners with customers worldwide on customized tribological design solutions that are efficient and environmentally sustainable. GGB’s engineers bring their expertise and passion for tribology to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing. To learn more about GGB’s surface engineering for reliable tribology, visit


GGB is an EnPro Industries company (NYSE: NPO).






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