Our culture at GGB is based on the full release of human possibility according to the dual bottom line philosophy

Our Culture

GGB employs over 1,100 people worldwide. We share the EnPro core values of Safety, Excellence and Respect and aim to establish open, creative and safe work environments to maximize each employee’s human possibility and achieve excellence. GGB encourages the pursuit of personal goals and individual development of people through motivation and training to achieve personal and professional excellence.

The Dual Bottom Line: The Full Release of Human Possibility

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GGB is a division of EnPro Industries Inc., named one of the safest companies in the U.S. EnPro have launched an initiative to embrace the idea of The Dual Bottom Line: a progressive business model focusing not only on fiscal performance, but each individual’s personal accomplishments and overall well-being. The Dual Bottom Line gives employees the freedom to decide their own goals and what they wish to accomplish in order to achieve the full release of human possibility.




“We recognize that people are not only means, but also ends unto themselves, which means that we approach people as fellow human beings - working to expand mutual respect and the full flourishing of human possibility. Respect thrives in the diversity and differences among people and requires being an active and open learner with everyone.”

- Steve E. Macadam, President and Chief Executive Officer, EnPro Industries

GGB is dedicated to The Dual Bottom Line initiative, understanding that when employees are focused on development they pursue excellence and when excellence is pursued, financial returns are superior.

Community Building

We believe that through community building we can generate a greater level of engagement to maintain an environment of open discussion in order to foster greater individual and team participation in the daily decisions that impact our operations. It’s about self-motivation, taking responsibility and a sense of ownership of the things that benefit both the individual and GGB Bearing Technology.

GGB also offers employees a variety of community building activities and events throughout the year. One is GGB Family Safety Day, a yearly gathering of GGB employees and their families organized to remind everyone that safety is everyone’s responsibility and that all accidents can be prevented. By bringing families together on a special day, we reinforce the need for safety both at work and at home. At our locations all over the world, GGB employees participate in teambuilding activities from cake decorating, boat racing and marathons to mountain climbing, hiking, cycling and more.


ggb brasil celebrates international women´s day 2018
On March 8, 2018, GGB Brasil promoted a pause to recognize our Talented Women´s Team! It was a great momment to celebrate the winnings and all overpassed barriers and we discussed about a lot of challenges for equal rights. In honor of International Women´s Day we would like to recognize all of the great women working for GGB across the globe. The diversity of our team creates a great work environment that generates creative ideas. 


cake decoration activity at GGB China for community building
Creative cake decorating, China: 70 employees from GGB China and Stemco China, two EnPro companies operating from a shared premises, collaborated on an exercise designed to improve cooperation and understanding of EnPro’s three core values: Safety, Excellence and Respect. The cake decorating activity resulted in not only lively discussion of different ideas, designs and colors but some rather interesting looking cakes.





GGB Heilbronn participates to GGB charity run


GGB Charity Run, Germany: Nine employees from GGB Heilbronn participated in a charity run for women, SI-Frauenlauf am Neckar, hosted by Soroptimist International Heilbronn. Participants walked or ran a 5 or 10 km course. The GGB team placed second in the 5 km walking race, with all entry fees used towards charitable projects.






GGB Bearing Technology employs over 1,100 people worldwide

Cycling Club, France: 25 employees and 11 retirees of the GGB Annecy club spent four days in Luberon covering 400 kilometers, including the famous mountain Signal de Lure. After a full day of taking in the picturesque scenery, participants enjoyed a dip in the pool at their campsite. The annual outing continues to grow in popularity, attracting more riders each year.





GGB slovakia's ice hockey team


Ice Hockey, Slovakia: GGB Slovakia’s community building involves many different activities throughout the year, one of which is the GGB ice hockey team.











GGB Runs for Handisport: 23 GGB employees ran in Annecy Stadium for the 35th edition of "Annecy Court pour Handisport". The aim of the event is to raise money  to purchase sport equipment for disabled people and nearly 10,000 participants come to run each year. GGB then attended the reception held at Annecy City Hall for the awards ceremony. For its participation, GGB finished in 4th position in the company category and hopes to climb the podium during the next edition!




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