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As an advanced technical leader, we are committed to fostering the innovation that is at the heart of any successful business. With a proven innovative track record and tribological expertise, our industry-leading R&D and testing capabilities continue to generate technologically superior products, systems and tools to keep us at the leading edge of high performance bearing technology.

Our efforts help us both sustain and advance our position as the world leader in bearing solutions and the innovative process is where we excel. At our technical centers in the U.S., Germany, and France, we are constantly developing new products and processes, testing and analyzing bearing materials and conducting fundamental studies in tribology and surface engineering.

“With the objective of developing winning products through improved project portfolio management, we focus on three distinct areas - selecting the right projects, doing those projects right and exploring novel subjects through innovation.”

- Arjen Jebbink, VP Technology

An Innovative History

Glacier invented metal-polymer bearings more than a half-century ago with the introduction of our DU® product. Our scientists were curious how PTFE would perform with steel, and the unique tribological formulation of

DU® make that this product set the industrial standard for metal-polymer bearings, for both dry and lubricated conditions.

With the introduction of DX®, Glacier also launched the first of a series of thermoplastic lined bearing materials. Subsequent products, based on high-end engineering polymers, allowed for significant improvements in wear resistance and load carrying capability, especially for greased and oil lubricated applications.

Garlock later introduced fiber reinforced composite processes in order to manufacture products such as GAR-MAX® to provide lighter weight, corrosion resistant solutions.

Innovative and determined spirit of the people in GGB have led to the development of DP4 and DP4-B high performance lead-free materials in compliance with strict environmental legislation such as the EU End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives. Providing excellent performance under both dry and lubricated running conditions, DP4 and DP4-B bearings are used extensively across a wide range of industries.

Our extensive knowledge of polymer processing and compositional formulations has allowed us to develop a series of products in which individual properties such as system friction, wear resistance, load carrying capability and temperature resistance, are optimized for greater performance capabilities. These advances in technology have brought us a broad product variety of stronger, more durable, environmentally friendly, self-lubricating materials that perform under extreme conditions, for both dry and lubricated applications.

A THOUGHT Leader in bearing Technologies and Tribology

To be a Thought Leader in the industry, new ideas must be actively developed by listening to customers and identifying needs and opportunities. Understanding the basic science of our products and the environment in which our customers use them is fundamental to our efforts. To ensure new product developments are successful for GGB and our customers alike, we employ a multidisciplinary approach in the development process involving manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance, health and safety, and marketing.

We recognize the ultimate importance of research and development in creating materials to satisfy increasing performance demands of our customers´ applications. The R&D process involves prototype development, verification, testing and validation: all of which we conduct at pre-launch stage before any new product is introduced to the market. The analytical data we collect helps our customers understand how our products will perform in their tribological applications.

Anticipating Customer tribological Needs

For GGB, innovation is anticipating what customers are going to need by analyzing trends in the market. We propose solutions to our customers that are created, designed, developed and tested, staying one step ahead of our customers’ needs. We look to where changes are happening within our markets and the new demands created on our products, endeavoring to create innovative solutions for future technological developments.

“Create options and develop products that bring solutions to the customer. That’s what product leadership means to us under the innovative banner.”

- Charles Williams, Senior Technology Manager, GGB Bearing Technology

GGB application engineers offer strong technical, application and design support, so our customers know that they can come to us for the ideal tribological solution for even the most challenging applications.

Developing New Talent

Applying the science of tribology to our products calls for mastery of a variety of disciplines: chemistry, physics, metallurgy, material science and mechanical engineering. To attract new talent and prepare new graduates for a career at GGB, we provide employees with a number of training programs and opportunities: short and long-term courses, seminars, conferences or hands-on training. We encourage our people to create their own goals and continue their personal and professional growth and development.



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