GGB global manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Our world-class production plants located in the U.S., France, Germany, Slovakia, Brazil and China are certified to the industry’s highest quality and excellence standards for health, safety, product quality and environmental management.

GGB, the world's leading manufacturer of PLAIN BEARINGs

GGB manufacturing facilities have access to the industry’s best practices and a quality management system aligned with global standards. Our plants are certified to ISO 9001 for quality management systems, ISO 50001 for energy management, IATF 16949 for international quality management specification for suppliers of automotive components, ISO 14001 for environmental management systems and OHSAS 18001, the Occupational Health and Safety Management standard.

  • Slovakia: The GGB bearing company in Sučany was selected as one of Slovakia’s 10 safest companies, winning the “Safe Enterprise” award based on the facility’s health and safety management system.
  • France: GGB France has simultaneously achieved integrated recertification to four global standards:
    • ISO 9001 for quality management systems
    • IATF 16949 for quality management in the automotive supply chain
    • OHSAS18001 for health and safety management systems
    • ISO 14001 for environmental management systems
  • China: The GGB Suzhou facility received IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certification after less than one year in production for the international quality management specification for suppliers of automotive components.
  • North America: GGB US bearings are certified to AS 9100D, the aerospace industry’s standard for quality management systems for the manufacture of metal-backed bearings and fiber reinforced composite bearings and washers.

Offering a wide range of services to numerous market sectors from Automotive, Energy, to Aerospace or anywhere in between, our production plants can provide both standard and custom products for scores of bearing applications. We respond quickly to our customers’ needs with a flexible production platform and assure our product’s quality, performance and reliability.

“Our ability to manufacture products at multiple sites increases our flexibility in responding to changing customer demand.”

- Susan Sweeney, GGB President

In addition to our global production facilities, we operate and manage an international network of sales offices and distribution centers to supply over 30,000 customers quickly and efficiently, anywhere in the world.


North America



Thorofare I

Date of operation: 1976

Surface area: 9,800 m² (105,000 ft²)

Products: Metal-Polymer US bearings

Markets: Automotive, General Industrial, Aerospace



P.O. Box 189

700 Mid Atlantic Parkway

Thorofare, NJ 08086

Tel: +1 856 848 3200

Fax: +1 856 848 5115

Thorofare II

Date of operation: 2015

Surface area: 4,760 m² (51,200 ft²)

Products: Fiber Reinforced Composite US Bearings, Bushing Blocks, High-precision Assemblies

Markets: Agricultural, Construction, Marine, Hydropower and Fluid Power



P.O. Box 189

1414 Metropolitan Avenue

Thorofare, NJ 08086

Tel: +1 856 848 3200

Fax: +1 856 848 5115



South America



Date of operation: 1989

Surface area: 2,000 m² (21,600 ft²)

Products: Metal-Polymer

Markets: Automotive, Construction, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, General Industrial


GGB Brasil

Avenida Gupê, 10767

Barueri – SP, BR-06422-120


Tel: +55 11 4789 9070

Fax: +55 11 4789 4433






Date of operation: 1946

Surface area: 20,000 m² (215,000 ft²)

Products: Metal-Polymer

Markets: Automotive, General Industrial



65, chemin de la Prairie

B.P. 2074

F-74009 Annecy Cedex

Tel: +33 (0)4 50 33 66 88

Fax: +33 (0)4 50 33 66 60


Date of operation: 1974

Surface area: 5,000 m² (54,000 ft²)

Products: Bushing Blocks, High-precision Assemblies

Markets: Fluid Power



3, rue Roger Husson

F-57260 Dieuze

Tel: +33 (0)3 87 86 98 11

Fax: +33 (0)3 87 86 80 20





Date of operation: 1974

Surface area: 5,000 m² (54,000 ft²)

Products: Metal-Polymer

Markets: All markets including Automotive, General Industrial and Aerospace


GGB Heilbronn GmbH

Ochsenbrunnenstr. 9

D-74078 Heilbronn

Tel: +49 (0)7131 269 0

Fax: +49 (0)7131 269 500





Date of operation: 2004

Surface area: 9,000 m² (96,900 ft²)

Products: Metal-Polymer, Engineered Plastics, Bushing Blocks, High-precision Assemblies

Markets: Automotive, Fluid Power, General Industrial


GGB Slovakia s.r.o.

Ulica priemyselná 1910/4

SK-Sučany 038 52

Tel: +421 (0)43 40 40 100

Fax: +421(0)43 40 40 500






Date of operation: 2008

Surface area: 9,200 m² (99,000 ft²)

Products: Metal-Polymer, Fiber Reinforced Composite Bearings, Bushing Blocks

Markets: Automotive, Pumps and Compressors, Construction, Agriculture, Fluid Power


GGB Bearing Technology
(Suzhou) Co., Ltd

No. 10 Xiangjie Road, SND

PRC-215129 Suzhou,

 P.R. China

Tel: +86 512 62921000

Fax: +86 512 62921010


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