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Antifriction Bearings Tribology is the Science of Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Find out how GGB's antifriction products and solutions offer improved bearing performance for your application.

GGB's antifriction plain bearings and bushings provide numerous benefits across a wide range of industries and applications, including aerospace, automotive, construction, energy, industrial, recreational and many more.


Over 60 years ago, GGB invented the original antifriction bearings and bushings DU® and DX® that quickly became the industrial standard in high performance plain bearing solutions.

With the constant increase in customer demands and expectations for superior plain bearing performance, GGB's bearing range now includes over 50 distinctive antifriction bearing types including for example, DP4HI-EX®GAR-MAX®HSGEP® range, GGB-CSM® and GGB-CBM® products.


To Eliminate Lubricants, can GGB bearings operate dry?

GGB maintenance-free dry bearings eliminate lubricants

The range of self-lubricating GGB bearing products are ideally suited to run under dry conditions offering to the final customer complete maintenance-free operation.
The main advantages are:

  • Reduced cost with simplified designs and assembly by eliminating lubricants
  • Increased machine utilisation and efficiency with fewer stoppages for regular bearing lubrication
  • More environmentally friendly operation as potential pollution by the lubricant is avoided

When do GGB self-lubricating bearings operate with a lubricant?

GGB self-lubricating bearings offer maintenance-free bearing solutions

Self-lubricating bearings are also necessary when operating under boundary or marginally lubricated regimes.

These regimes occur when the thickness of the lubricant film is too low to avoid metal-to-metal contact and wear between the bearing and the sliding surface due to a combination of high loads, low speeds and insufficient lubricant viscosity.

For equipment running under periods of low speed idling and frequent stop-start operation, the self-lubricating properties of GGB bearings significantly improve machine efficiency by reducing bearing wear and the increase of clearances, noise and the risk of eventual equipment seizure.

How can GGB bearings Improve Machine Efficiency?

GGB PTFE bearings offer low friction and improve machine efficiency

The majority of GGB bearings contain polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in the sliding layer.

One of the characteristics of PTFE is exceptionally low coefficient of friction which reduces bearing friction, bearing wear and, most importantly, energy consumption.

The overall efficiency of equipment and machinery is therefore increased for reduced power input and a higher power output.

How can GGB bearings Extended Service Life?

GGB high-performance bearings offer extended bearing life

The proprietary GGB bearing structure and overlay compositions include special anti-wear additives for high wear resistance to give extended service lives.

The inert nature of the Fiber Reinforced Composite and Engineered Plastics Bearings ranges are suited to many corrosive environments.

Are plain bearings simple to assemble?

GGB bearings offer easy mounting and dismounting

Generally requiring inexpensive techniques and tooling, GGB bearings simplify assembly and can be mounted directly into the housing without the need of cooling or heating equipment.

What are the advantages of Replacing Roller Bearings?

GGB plain bearings replace needle and roller bearings

Compared to roller bearings, plain bearings offer a greater contact area for a higher load capacity, an excellent resistance to shock loads and are more tolerant to edge loading.

The compact one piece design of plain bearings allows a significant reduction in housing dimensions for substantial space and weight savings.

Noise is reduced with the absence of internal moving parts and the plain bearing conformable liner offers superior damping properties.



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